Invisible Man

The experts strive to identify celebrity guest whom they cannot see or communicate with in each episode of the show. Unlike the experts, the viewers know the celebrity’s name from the start.

Six experts represent sciences and paranormal fields. These experts are: criminologist, psychologist, shaman, magician, palmist, and fortune teller. They stay and work in a TV studio. The experts try to identify the celebrity’s features, character, occupation and even his/her name. Since the experts cannot see or communicate with the celebrity, they must use their unique skills and general knowledge to identify him or her. They examine materials, they have received from the celebrity: personal belongings, photos from cell phone, polygraph rezults, scan of palm lines, scent examples, teeth marks, fingerprints, drawings, completed psychological tests, and etc.

The entertainment TV show “The Invisible Man” has been aired since the 8th of February 2013, every Friday, at 19.00 prime time, on the TV3 channel. The channel's motto is “Everything except the usual!”

Since 2024, the TV show has updated. The cast of experts and scenery has changed. The time on air has also changed - 18.30 pm.

15 seasons

150 episodes х 48 min

Talk show host:
Evelina Bledans

TV producer:
Yuriy Frolovskiy

Music by:
Georgiy Lebedev

Art Director:
Julia Charandaeva

Chief Editors:
Irina Kachalova
Andrew Bakhtin
Ekaterina Kolegaeva

Film editor:
Sergey Fedotov

Produced by:
Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina
Mikhail Krikunenko

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